About BagVerify

BagVerify brings you handbag reseller reviews you can trust. We work exclusively with Hermès and Chanel products because we are experts in those two brands. For years, we have bought, sold and studied more Hermès & Chanel bags than most people will ever see in their entire lifetime. Our team of highly trained experts and authenticators work hard to bring you the most reliable information about online designer handbag resellers and specific bags being sold.

Our goal is to help consumers avoid buying fake handbags online.

The Story Behind BagVerify

BagVerify was launched in 2015, but the idea came to me many years earlier. As a hard working mother of two, all of my income went towards groceries, school fees, bills and other regular household payments. Although we were a financially stable family, there was absolutely no way my husband would allow me to spend thousands of dollars on a handbag. Owning an authentic Hermès Birkin was a dream of mine ever since I was a young teen, so I decided to save up my extra money.

I ended up waiting two full years before having enough money to actually get myself the Birkin I had been dreaming of for so long. Since I’m not the Queen or a world-famous celeb, I had to buy it online. I can still remember the excitement I felt after ordering it – a black Epsom Leather Hermès Birkin with palladium hardware.

I also remember the disappointment I felt when I brought it in to get authenticated and they immediately pointed out 4 different flaws. I had just spent two years of my life saving up money for a scam artist, while I was stuck with a fake replica.

It Became My Mission

After getting scammed out of nearly $20,000 USD, I made it my mission to bring down as many fake designer bag makers as possible. I took courses on detecting fakes Hermès & Chanel bags, I began studying the history of date stamps, embossing and all other factors that make a bag authentic. I then joined forces with a team of professional authenticators and experts to build what is now BagVerify.

My mission is to help women get what they pay for. It crushed me when I found out that the bag I bought was a fake; I don’t want any woman to ever experience that feeling. My husband and kids helped me get back up, but some women could become extremely depressed or even suicidal after such an event.

I built BagVerify to expose the fakes. By providing our services for free, all women can get the information they need before making a handbag purchase online.

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