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BagVerify provides a complete list of all the Consignment Stores online. We review each seller and give them a rank, users can also vote for their favorite Consignment Stores.

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Our consignment stores page delivers information about the most popular stores that sell Hermès and Chanel bags on consignment. These stores are reviewed by our team of experts for an on-going basis in order to always be able to provide you with up to date information. You should always refer to BagVerify before purchasing a designer bag from a consignment store.

Why BagVerify should be your #1 resource for luxury bag consignment:

  • We give real verifiable facts about each consignment store
  • All complaints or issues against the store are listed here
  • We mention consignment rates and fees
  • People who purchased items from the stores leave reviews at Bagverify
  • You can file your own complaint against a store directly through our website

By combining all of our information, you will be able to make a fully educated decision before spending thousands of dollars on a designer handbag. It’s important to always refer to BagVerify before buying Hermès or Chanel bags from consignment stores in order to buy from reputable consignment stores only. Keep in mind that not all consignment stores listed here are guaranteed to sell authentic bags, you must read our full reports along with the customer reviews in order to determine whether or not a store can be trusted. If a store cannot be trusted, we will notify readers at the top of the store's review.

Read the User Reviews for an Insider's Look

In order to determine whether or not a consignment store sells authentic handbags, our experts authenticate the bags they sell, we check for complaints and we verify their history with previous buyers. We also appreciate getting feedback by people who actually buy or have bought products from the stores listed here.

User reviews help our readers make a solid decision. If you have bought a product from one of the consignment stores listed above, please take a couple of minutes of your time to share the experience with our visitors. It will allow potential buyers to get additional facts and see what the buying experience is really like. The more information we can provide to future buyers, the easier it will become to ensure the trustworthiness of each store.