Ebay Stores

BagVerify provides a complete list of all the Ebay Stores online. We review each seller and give them a rank, users can also vote for their favorite Ebay Stores.

Find the Best Ebay Stores Online!

Browsing through our eBay stores category will allow you to find most of the popular eBay stores that sell Hermès and Chanel products. We do our very best to list as many stores as possible so you can get complete coverage. When a store is added to this category, we perform thorough reviewing procedures.

All luxury handbag vendors on eBay that are listed here include:

  • A complete overview of their store and items
  • Full analysis of their feedback scores and ratings
  • Any complaints filed against them
  • Fake bags that they sell with details (if applicable)
  • Feedback left by actual customers

We aim to deliver as many details as possible, so you can rapidly be able to determine whether or not an eBay store can be trusted. However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all of the stores listed in this category can be trusted. Some of them do sell fakes. It’s highly recommended to get bags authenticated by us before purchasing them. Unless an eBay store is featured in our Verified Sellers section, you should always remain cautious.

On-Going Updates

BagVerify continuously verifies new bags added to these eBay stores in order to provide you with recent information about each boutique. By authenticating bags from these stores on a regular basis, you will easily be able to see whether or not a store has a tendency to sell fakes. Although we won’t be able to authentic every single bag sold by every single store, we do our best to authentic as many as possible.

User are Encouraged to Write Reviews

Checking up on an eBay store’s feedback is essential when purchasing items from eBay. However, it’s also important to take a look at our very own user reviews. BagVerify provides users with the ability to leave reviews for each store and anyone can view those reviews. You can quickly view the overall star rating for each store and browse through the reviews left by previous buyers in order to see what the experience is like with each reseller.