Flash Sale Sites

BagVerify provides a complete list of all the Flash Sale Sites online. We review each seller and give them a rank, users can also vote for their favorite Flash Sale Sites.

Find the Best Flash Sale Sites Online!

Our flash sale sites category includes all sites that sell Hermès and Chanel bags in a “deal of the day” type of business model. These sites often place a lot of pressure on consumers because the products are only available for a certain amount of time. This pushes consumers towards making purchases quickly without getting the proper information beforehand. By visiting BagVerify before purchasing a bag from a flash sale site, you will be able to quickly see whether or not the business is trustworthy.

The flash sale sites in our list come with:

  • Data about the overall website & products
  • Notice of any complaints or negative experiences
  • Information provided by previous buyers
  • Fake bags along with photos and details (if detected)
  • Source links for all facts provided

Before purchasing a designer bag from a flash sale site, you should always take the time to get properly educated. Although you may feel pressured to buy the item quickly, take a few minutes and come see our review of the site. If the site is not listed here, contact us and we will get straight to work on reviewing it.

Fake Bags

We aim to make it as easy as possible for you to determine whether or not you can trust a flash sale site. When fake bags are found, we immediately write up a report and post it on BagVerify. The website will then be flagged as a fake bag reseller within the site's review. With just a single click, you can immediately see whether or not a flash sale site has a history of selling fake bags.

However, if a site does not have any fake bags listed in its review, it does not mean that they sell only authentic bags. We cannot review every single bag from every single online store, so it’s a smart idea to ask us to review the bag that caught your attention before spending your hard earned money on it.