Instagram Stores

BagVerify provides a complete list of all the Instagram Stores online. We review each seller and give them a rank, users can also vote for their favorite Instagram Stores.

Find the Best Instagram Stores Online!

The Instagram accounts listed on this web page are the most popular Instagram stores that sell Hermès and Chanel items. We update this list regularly and provide updated information for the stores so you can always get the most recent information available. We provide in-depth reports and important data for each Instagram store listed at BagVerify.

The details we provide for the Instagram stores includes:

  • Reviews of the stores and the products they sell
  • Background check for complaints and issues filed against them
  • User reviews left by previous customers
  • Complete details about fake products (if applicable)
  • All links and references

For every luxury Instagram boutique that we place in our list, we provide a fully analyzed review. We also investigate whether or not the store sells fake bags. Our team of authenticators goes through as many bags in each store as possible in order to authenticate the photos. If any fake bags are found, we immediately write up a report and mention it in the store’s overview.

Buying from Instagram Stores

Instagram is a great way to find amazing Hermès and Chanel bags that are rare and exclusive. However, Instagram is not a marketplace like eBay and it doesn’t offer buyers any type protection. It’s crucial to always be extra cautious when purchasing bags from an Instagram vendor. Although many authentic Hermès and Chanel bags are currently being sold on Instagram, there are also plenty of fakes going around. Having BagVerify authenticate a bag before you commit to purchasing it is a very smart move.

Leave a Review

Our goal at BagVerify is to educate consumers about designer bag resellers. By leaving a user review after purchasing a bag from a store listed on our website, you will be helping others make an educated decision. Whether it’s a positive or a negative review, we would love to hear back from you. We ask all buyers to take a few minutes and share your buying experience with our community so that others can know whether or not an Instagram store is trustworthy.