Baghunter is an Award Winning Reseller. Baghunter has an Excellent Reputation and is a well known trusted bag reseller!

Baghunter is an online store that brings you new and used Hermès, Chanel and Dior bags. Although they have a major focus on Hermès bags, specifically Birkin and Kelly bags, they also have a nice selection of Chanel bags to choose from. Everything on their site is absolutely authentic with their team of experts that ensures the authenticity of every bag they sell before posting them on their site.

Baghunter also buys bags and sells bags on consignment. When selling your bag to Baghunter or when selling on consignment, your bag will first need to be authenticated by their team. They also have a unique speciality of being able to hunt bags for customers. You provide them with details of a rare or special bag that you’re searching for and they will find it for you.

Many limited editions and special order bags are available on their site. Baghunter even provides customers with the ability to build their own custom designer bags by adding crystals or by getting custom paint jobs. By becoming a VIP member at Baghunter, you will be provided with special bag offers. Baghunter also allows customers to swap their existing luxury bags for other bags listed on their website.

Operating Since: 2014
Verified Reseller: Yes
Address: 9663 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 1295, Beverly Hills, USA, 90210
Phone Number:
eBay: Unknown
Consignment Rates: 30%
Return Policy: All sales are final
Complaints: None Found

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Absolutely no complaints or fake bags have been reported with Baghunter.