Warning: We have found online reviews which state that Bluefly has sold or offered for sale fake designer bags. If this is your boutique you can request to get verified and we will investigate complaints made against you.

BlueFly is an online store for luxury goods. They have a vast amount of high-end designer brands to choose from including Hermes, Chanel, Louboutin, Armani and much more. They have products from thousands of different brands available for purchase on their site. BlueFly is a store that sells products all over the world with their international shipping. They sell new and pre-owned luxury items, allowing customers to save up to 40% off the original retail price.

BlueFly guarantees the authenticity of all the products that they sell. However, you should remain cautious when purchasing items from their online shop since they have so many items for sale at all times. BlueFly does accept returns, but you must notify them promptly upon receiving the items. They do not accept returns for items that are listed as final sales.

Unfortunately, you cannot sell your items directly or on consignment with BlueFly. They only purchase items directly from designer brands or from their various verified resellers in order to ensure on-going quality and authenticity of products. If you are a merchant that has numerous luxury goods to sell, you can contact them to inquire about selling your items through BlueFly.

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BlueFly has a terrible reputation. They have been found selling fake items numerous times. Many clients have also reported dealing with terrible return procedures and horrible customer service reps. Be extremely cautious when purchasing items on their website. Also, BlueFly mentions on their website that they are authorized dealers for certain brands, but those brands do not agree. Many people also complain that they send items that look nothing like they do in the photos.