Brandoff is a Verified Reseller & has a Good Reputation. If this is your boutique you can request to apply for our reseller accreditation program available only for select resellers.

BrandOff Tokyo is an online store that sells luxury items. They have their main website and they also sell items through their eBay store. Their eBay store was launching in mid-2010 and they have sold over 7,000 items thus far. In the past 12 months, they have maintained a 98.9% positive feedback with a couple complaints. They sell numerous types of products including bags, jewellery, watches and accessories.

They are a member of the AACD (Association Against Counterfeit Product Distribution). They state that every item they sell is first authenticated through their team of appraisers, who follow the strict AACD standards. Brand Off Tokyo sells products from high-end designer brands only including Hermes, Chanel, Prada, CĂ©line and many more.

You can also choose to sell your luxury items on consignment with BrandOff Tokyo. They do not state how much commission they take when selling items on consignment as you are required to contact them directly when selling on consignment with them. BrandOff can also buy your items directly, which allows you to get paid faster. They state on their website that they do not usually accept returns, but in odd cases, you can contact them directly for further assistance.

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BrandOff has a decent reputation on eBay with a 98.9% positive feedback score over the past 12 months. Many people who have purchased luxury bags from Brand Off have reported receiving authentic products, but in some cases, the condition of the bags were not exactly as described.