Designer Vintage is a Verified Reseller & has a Good Reputation. If this is your boutique you can request to apply for our reseller accreditation program available only for select resellers.

Designer-Vintage is an online marketplace for buying and selling designer items. Bags, clothes, shoes and accessories can be sold or purchased through this website. Many high-end designer brands can be found in this marketplace including Hermes and Chanel products. While you may occasionally come across some brand new items, most of the products at Designer-Vintage are pre-owned.

Just about anyone can open an online boutique at Designer-Vintage to start selling their own items. The wonderful thing about selling your items through Designer-Vintage is that they take no commission fee. However, they do charge a flat rate fee for posting items for sale on their site. Their team of experts overlooks all items being sold on their site and before making a product live, the product must first be approved by their team of experts. During the approval phase, their team verifies photo quality, authenticity and a few other details.

Buying items at Designer-Vintage is just as simple. Their online store is not a bidding site, so you must contact the seller directly when you wish to purchase an item. However, Designer-Vintage offers a safer way to complete transactions, called Transfer Service. When choosing the Transfer Service, Designer-Vintage receives the item from the seller and the payment from the buyer, acting as a sort of mediator.

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Designer-Vintage has a good reputation with no complaints against them.