Haraandco is an Award Winning Reseller. Haraandco has an Excellent Reputation and is a well known trusted bag reseller!

Hara & Co is an online luxury boutique that specializes in reselling pre-owned luxury items. They have made a name for themselves in Japan with their original boutique that has been in business for over 50 years. Hara & Co has recently opened up a new boutique in Beverly Hills. You can visit their boutique at any time or you can shop their entire collection directly on their website. Hara & Co buys, sells and trades luxury items so you can also sell your items through their store.

They have a nice selection of Hermes, Chanel and many other luxury brands available in their store. Their collection consists of designer bags, watches, jewellery and much more. When viewing items for sale on their site, you will notice information about the specifications and other details concerning the condition of the bag if there are flaws. Close up images are provided so you can easily see the bags in great detail.

Selling your bag to Hara & Co is also a possibility. The process is incredibly simple, but you must bring in your bag to the actual location to get it appraised; you cannot ship it to them. If the item is worth less than $1,000, they will pay for it in cash. If the item is worth more than $1,000, they pay $1,000 in cash and the balance is paid via check or bank transfer.

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Hara & Co has an excellent reputation. They also have an eBay account, which has a 5-star rating.