Warning: We have found online reviews which state that Ioffer has sold or offered for sale fake designer bags. If this is your boutique you can request to get verified and we will investigate complaints made against you.

iOffer is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell items. Although this store allows sellers to sell all sorts of products, there is also a nice selection of luxury items for sale. Handbags from the brands Hermès and Chanel are available for purchase at iOffer. This site is a bidding site similar to eBay where you can choose to place a bid or buy it now. It’s important to remain cautious when purchasing items on iOffer, because the site does not provide any authentication measures.

Since iOffer does not authenticate their items for sale, many Hermès and Chanel replicas are being sold on this site. Although it’s easy to spot these due to their incredibly low prices, it’s still important to be extremely cautious. Many luxury designer bag fakes are being passed off as authentic on iOffer. This site has over 100 million products for sale, so they cannot control and inspect all items.

iOffer was launched in San Francisco back in 2002. They do not provide phone support, so if you run into an issue, you must file a dispute. This can take several weeks to resolve simple issues. When buying an item from a seller on iOffer, you should always take a look at their feedback beforehand just as you would on eBay. Nonetheless, you should never place all of your trust towards the star rating of a seller.

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Many unsatisfied customers have filed reports against sellers on iOffer. Many people have reported receiving fake items, items different from the photos or damaged items. Many complaints also state that iOffer supports fake designer bags.