Luckycharm212 is a Verified Reseller & has a Good Reputation. If this is your boutique you can request to apply for our reseller accreditation program available only for select resellers.

LuckyCharm212 is an online reseller of luxury items that works primarily through eBay. They have been a member of eBay since 2006 and have been selling luxury items ever since. In their years of selling high-end designer items on eBay, they have totalled over 520 sales thus far. They occasionally have a selection of Hermes and Chanel bags available for purchase in their store.

While they have been in business for numerous years now, they don’t have much of a selection to choose from. Most times they only have a handful of luxury items to choose from. They have 63 followers on eBay who keep a close look at their newly added items. They sell mostly pre-owned items, but occasionally have brand new items for sale in their store.

LuckyCharm212 does provide numerous close up images for each product that they sell. This makes it possible to get the items authenticated online before actually purchasing them. LuckyCharm212 is based in the United States and they ship nationwide. They do not ship worldwide.

Operating Since: 2006
Verified Reseller: Yes
Address: Unknown, Los Angeles, USA, Unknown
Phone Number:
Website: Unknown
Facebook: Unknown
Instagram: Unknown
LinkedIn: Unknown
Consignment Rates: Unknown
Return Policy: Unknown
Complaints: None Found

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LuckyCharm212 has maintained a 100% positive feedback score on eBay over the past 12 months. However, since they don't sell very many products, it's difficult to find information about them since very few people purchase items from their store.