Lux Market is an Award Winning Reseller. Lux Market has an Excellent Reputation and is a well known trusted bag reseller!

LuxMarket is an online reseller of high-end designer brand items in the fashion industry. While they specialize in selling authentic handbags, they also have a nice variety of designer brand shoes available in their store. They often have a decent selection of Birkin and Kelly bags by Hermes. While LuxMarket doesn’t have the largest online store for luxury items, they do constantly have a few dozen items for sale in their store.

They provide high quality close up images for every single product that they list in their store. This allows consumers to verify whether a bag is truly authentic before purchasing it. LuxMarket guarantees that every single item they list in their store is authentic and they provide a hassle-free return policy if a product they sell can be proven to be a fake.

LuxMarket does offer a consignment program, but you need to contact them directly in order to see whether or not they will sell your items. They only sell specific brands such as Hermes. Based out of Beverly Hills, California, they provide worldwide shipping for most products. They have been selling items on eBay since 2007 and currently have 41 eBay followers.

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LuxMarket does not have much of a reputation online other than their eBay feedback. However, they have a great reputation on eBay and have maintained a 100% positive feedback score since they launched in 2007.