Warning: We have found online reviews which state that Rakuten has sold or offered for sale fake designer bags. If this is your boutique you can request to get verified and we will investigate complaints made against you.

Rakuten Global Market is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell pretty much anything. This site has numerous types of products including electronics, high-end designer handbags and even nutritional products. Located in Japan, this online store allows just about anyone to sell items through their website. This causes you to have to be extremely vigilant when purchasing expensive items through Rakuten because you can never be fully certain of authenticity.

Rakuten has a large selection of high-end designer bags including Hermes, Chanel and other brands. They ship worldwide to dozens of different countries including the USA. Since Rakuten Global Market works similarly to eBay, it cannot guarantee the authenticity of the products that are sold through their website. You must take extra precautions when purchasing expensive fashion items through Rakuten.

According to reports they do not provide quality support when you aren’t fully satisfied with your products. Rakuten Global Market is not held responsible for damaged items or items that are not authentic. You must contact the shop that sold you the item in order to come to an agreement with them directly. This can often make returns quite complex and difficult to accomplish.

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Rakuten has a bad reputation online. There have been many fraudulent acts of scammers stealing credit card details from buyers on Rakuten. Also, many reports of people receiving wrong items, wrong sizes or even items that are not authentic have been filed against Rakuten Global Market. Fake watches have also been spotted on Rakuten, among other products.