Caution: Reebonz has not been verified or accredited and we can can not verify if Reebonz sells authentic bags at this time. If this is your boutique you can request to get verified and we also offer a reseller accreditation program for select resellers.

Reebonz is an online shop that buys and sells luxury items. They specialize in selling handbags, jewellery, shoes and more. They have a large selection of pre-owned items that allows buyers to get their hands on high-end fashion products with major discounts off the original retail price. This store buys and sells a large variety of designer brands including Hermes, Chanel, Prada and more. Reebonz also offers limited time sales that last only a couple of days.

Reebonz only allows members to purchase items during special events. In order to become a member, you must be invited by someone who is already a member. The special events typically last 2 days and allow buyers to save up to 80% off the original products’ retail value. Reebonz mentions on their site that they have absolutely no hidden fees and that all items purchased are delivered to the buyer within 7 days or less.

At Reebonz you can sell your luxury items on consignment. They use comparable items that recently sold to determine how much your items are worth; they also take the current retail price into consideration. Reebonz takes a commission fee that ranges between 10 – 30% of the sale price, depending on how much your items sell for; the more they sell for, the smaller the fee becomes.

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Some complaints have been made against Reebonz stating that fake bags were purchased through their website. However, many people swear by Reebonz and have had only good experiences purchasing from their online shop.