Sandiaexchange is an Award Winning Reseller. Sandiaexchange has an Excellent Reputation and is a well known trusted bag reseller!

Sandia Exchange is an online store that sells pre-owned Hermes items. Along with having their online boutique, they also sell their items on eBay. Sandia Exchange does not have a massive selection of bags for sale at all times, but they do keep a constant rotation so new bags are available for purchase on a regular basis. They promise that every single one of their bags is 100% authentic.

If you want to sell your Hermes items, you can contact them; they buy pre-owned Hermes bags and accessories. However, they only purchase certain materials, sizes and colors, so you will need to email them to find out if they are interested in buying your products. Sandia Exchange offers a 7-day exchange period so you can get your bag inspected and returned if you notice any issues.

Sandia Exchange ships their products internationally. They have been a member of eBay since 2002 and have sold over 3,000 items ever since. They currently have over 700 followers on eBay and maintain a perfect 5-star feedback. When posting items, they provide several close up images and also include basic details for each bag including information about the condition.

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Sandia Exchange has an amazing reputation on eBay with a 5-star feedback. They have sold over 3,000 items on eBay and have been a member since 2002. This seller also comes highly recommended from members