Vestiairecollective is a Verified Reseller & has a Good Reputation. If this is your boutique you can request to apply for our reseller accreditation program available only for select resellers.

Vestiaire Collective is an online consignment store that sells pre-owned luxury items. This store carries a variety of products including clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories. They have a decent selection of Hermès and Chanel bags to choose from. In order to view products and purchase items through Vestiaire Collective, you must first sign up and become a member. They already have over 3 million members and close over 1000 secure transactions every day.

This site sells most of its products on consignment. If you want to sell items on consignment with Vestiaire Collective, you will first need to get them authenticated by their team of experts. They promise that every single product that they sell is first authenticated in order to ensure the quality. When selling on consignment you receive roughly 75% of the sales price. They state on their website that more than half of all products get sold in 7 days or less.

Shopping on Vestiaire Collective’s website is enjoyable because they have numerous sections to browse. They have a section that is products that they personally fell in love with. Other fun sections include products with reduce price tags and even sections with items that are packed and ready to ship out immediately. Vestiaire Collective has luxury products for women, men and kids.

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Vestiaire Collective has an overall great reputation and has even been mentioned by Vogue. Many people in online fashion communities confirm that Vestiaire Collective sells luxury bags that are authentic.