Verified Resellers

BagVerify provides a complete list of all the Verified Resellers online. We review each seller and give them a rank, users can also vote for their favorite Verified Resellers.

Find the Best Verified Resellers Online!

Our verified resellers are stores that you can trust when buying designer bags online. All resellers listed here have been verified by BagVerify and are BagVerify Accredited. This means that you can purchase luxury handbags such as Hermès and Chanel without having to worry about the authenticity, they are all authentic.

In order for a reseller to gain BagVerify Accreditation, they must fulfill the following requirements:

  • They must be in business for a minimum of 2 years.
  • They must have zero complaints in the past 2 years.
  • They must sell authentic items only.

Our team of experts has fully inspected each reseller listed in this category and has authenticated all products that they sell. We have performed in-depth research for each reseller and have found absolutely no complaints or issues in the previous 24 months.

We are confident that when you purchase designer bags from these resellers, you will get authentic items only and will have a pleasurable experience.

Continuous Updates

We ensure that each company listed in the verified resellers category remains legitimate. By constantly keeping an eye on each reseller, we are capable of providing you with the most up to date information possible. Our team of experts continuously authenticates new bags listed on their website, allowing you to be sure that they are always real.

If we discover that one of our verified resellers is selling fake designer bags, we will immediately remove them from this list. We also take complaints very seriously for verified resellers due to their great on-going reputations. We can work as a mediator for verified resellers and clients that have complaints in order to get issues resolved quickly and efficiently.

More on the Way

We are constantly looking into online Hermès and Chanel resellers. Ensuring that a reseller is trustworthy is a long process and we always want to make sure that all resellers that we list here are 100% trustworthy. As we discover more honest resellers that receive BagVerify Accreditation, the will be listed in this category.